elise (dougdougdoug) wrote in cars_for_girls,

It's that time of year again

Time for some car show rambling:

Couple weeks until the Car Craft Summer Nationals. No major overhauls this year at the last minute, thank goodness! We did just get a new fuel pump put in a few weeks ago though. Still haven't figured out why the temperature guage isn't working since the engine rebuild so I probably won't be doing any "cruisin" during the car show.

So it's always been my unofficial goal to get my car in the Car Craft magazine and I know you can just mail in photos yourself but I'd perfer if they'd just pick me out of the crowd. I figure as one of very few female car owners at a car show like this I would have a decent chance! But no dice so far!

And if I had time or knew of a specific shop I'd get the poor TA dynoed before the show.

Anyone else show their cars?

Here's my baby, front and center:
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