2partswater (2partswater) wrote in cars_for_girls,

'93 4Runner Gear Problem

Yes, it's alive and kicking.

1993 4Runner - 5 spd, 4WD, 174,000 miles

and it needs to keep on kicking for a while...

My problem is that over the course of the last week, it has gotten extremely more and more difficult to shift gears. Now, it's practically impossible to even put it into 1st or Reverse at start up. I have plenty of Brake Fluid. Being that I know it is based on hydraulics, I did check this first. There was an incident before where I had no Brake Fluid and had a similar problem. I really do not want to invest money into a new clutch so I'm really hoping it is something else. The clutch does offer some resistance when I press it, but it does't feel normal.

I've read that it could be a problem with the differential lubrication or possibly the gear oil. How do I know and where do I look? Is a trip to the mechanic inevitable or can I do it myself?

Any suggestions?
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