illyriadeity (illyriadeity) wrote in cars_for_girls,

seeking car selling advice

Hi everyone.

I am (hopefully) about to sell my 2000 Dodge Stratus.  I've never sold a car before.  I know I have to sign over the title.  My question is do people also draw up some basic agreement- like sold as is for $ xxxxx?  It just occurred to me today (a guy from a neighboring state plans to look and drive it tomorrow) that I want $2,600 and am a little uncomfortable with just taking a check and giving him the keys.  Do people usually wait for checks to clear?

Also- I procrastinated selling the car so now my out of state plates are expired.  I called the DMV and asked if they do temps or anything to help procrastinators like me stuck in this situation.  I verified the cost of getting plates would be the same for me as it would if I were in state (making sure it won't be an addt'l fee for the purchaser)  and that the new owner will have to get new plates anyway, so I don't really want to sink $130 into plates for a short period.  My landlord told me he would see this as a red flag if he were coming to consider buying the car.  Would you?

Thanks for all and any feedback.
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