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7th April 2007


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Car located in Perth, Australia. Must sell fast as I am about to have our baby, and this car does not have anchor points for a baby seat. Love this car but its not family friendly, unfortunately. Baby is due in the next two weeks - so urgent sale!!

23rd October 2006

illyriadeity12:45pm: seeking car selling advice
Hi everyone.

I am (hopefully) about to sell my 2000 Dodge Stratus.  I've never sold a car before.  I know I have to sign over the title.  My question is do people also draw up some basic agreement- like sold as is for $ xxxxx?  It just occurred to me today (a guy from a neighboring state plans to look and drive it tomorrow) that I want $2,600 and am a little uncomfortable with just taking a check and giving him the keys.  Do people usually wait for checks to clear?

Also- I procrastinated selling the car so now my out of state plates are expired.  I called the DMV and asked if they do temps or anything to help procrastinators like me stuck in this situation.  I verified the cost of getting plates would be the same for me as it would if I were in state (making sure it won't be an addt'l fee for the purchaser)  and that the new owner will have to get new plates anyway, so I don't really want to sink $130 into plates for a short period.  My landlord told me he would see this as a red flag if he were coming to consider buying the car.  Would you?

Thanks for all and any feedback.

6th June 2006

sad_frog9:30pm: Stalling in the Cold and Rain
After a terrible and very short adventure this evening, I decided I needed advice and managed to find this community. So hello to you all!

I need advice about cold- and wet-weather stalling. Any comments will be greatly appreciated.

My car is a 1992 Ford Festiva. Despite its age it has been reliable. However in the cold it needs a warm-up or it will stall even when idling. I've been revving it at lights so I know I can move when they go green, after too many stalling incidents.

Tonight it was very cold and bucketing down rain. It stalled about 3 times in 5 minutes and I went straight back home because I did not want to hold up traffic/get stuck in the rain. It was moving from a stop but just not getting going, then stalling.

I know of two things I can do, but I have limited experience and thus questions:

1) Warm up the engine more before I leave. How long should this be and how do I know it's warm enough? I usually base it on how well the engine idles.

2) Spray WD40 on the distributor cap to keep water from affecting it. Does anyone have any experience of how good this technique is? I was told this by a mechanic, and it is mentioned on the net a lot but does it have its limitations?

I may have to test these tomorrow night anyway, since I have no other ideas or means of transport.

9th May 2006

sherylmaryjean3:37pm: choosing a new car

I think it's time I found a new car. My old car, (an '83 Chevette) amazingly still runs, and quite well I might add. Which is surprizing seeing as how I parked it with water sitting in the coolant resevior for the whole winter. And I don't know about where you people live but in Winnipeg it gets to be around - 40, so needly to say water was frozen inside my engine. I thought for sure it was done, that it had to be cracked. And it wasn't! And the freeze plugs didn't even pop out. I've come to the conclusion that chevettes are indestructable. When I unparked it though, it wasn't running so hot. So, I took a can of brakleen, and sprayed the whole bottle through my carb with the throttle open. Worked like a charm, some sick shit shot out the tail pipe, and it ran soooo well after that. Hasn't stalled once since. It's got no heat now, since I bypassed the heater core, but it was leaking so much coolant out of there. ( The reason that it had water in it to begin with, last fall, because I was too cheap to keep buying more coolant).

Anyways, I found 2 cars I am considering buying.

93 Ford Escort. 5-speed. Safetied. $1,800. 270 000 km. I'm thinking I am going to end up buying a new clutch shortly if I get that.


93 Grand Am. Auto. DOHC quad. Don't know the milage yet, but it was just saftied today. $1,000.

I just want a car that I can take for short trips on the highway. The chevette is not too good with that, it gets horrible milage on the highway, and the front end is fucked up, and it's not safe.
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illyriadeity12:02am: Oil Change ?
Hello everyone,

I've never had a nice car before now. I usually get my oil changed at a Jiffy Lube or place like that. The previous owner of my car always took it to a toyota dealer for all service (Avalon, 2000). What are your opinions about maintenance for this car? Is there really much benefit to paying more to go to the dealer for stuff like this?

Thanks in advance for any tips/feedback you provide!

26th March 2006

prideeinpynk4:19pm: This is for any current or former convertible owners...

I've got a 2000 Chevy Cavalier convertible. When I bought it, the seals that run along the windows and doors were dried out and falling apart causing leaks which have only gotten worse. Now, the top has started to shrink, causing it to pull away from the sides and rear window and I'm afraid its going to possibly tear.

I'm sending out a plea to anyone who has had either of these problems to offer some advice. Where can I get these things taken care of (as in, will a dealership be able to do it or do I need a specialist?) and how much should I expect to pay? I can find places online who'll work with convertible tops but I'm scared stiff to go deal with auto guys. :/

19th February 2006

blackrose132112:23pm: Newbie
Hey there. My name is Carmen and I'm new to the community. Just thought I would say hi. I own a white 92 Thunderbird. Check out my info page for a picture. Below it you will see a link for my CarDomain site and I am working on a page at RankMyRide.com. Hope to meet you all soon!

7th February 2006

2partswater9:09am: '93 4Runner Gear Problem
Yes, it's alive and kicking.

1993 4Runner - 5 spd, 4WD, 174,000 miles

and it needs to keep on kicking for a while...

My problem is that over the course of the last week, it has gotten extremely more and more difficult to shift gears. Now, it's practically impossible to even put it into 1st or Reverse at start up. I have plenty of Brake Fluid. Being that I know it is based on hydraulics, I did check this first. There was an incident before where I had no Brake Fluid and had a similar problem. I really do not want to invest money into a new clutch so I'm really hoping it is something else. The clutch does offer some resistance when I press it, but it does't feel normal.

I've read that it could be a problem with the differential lubrication or possibly the gear oil. How do I know and where do I look? Is a trip to the mechanic inevitable or can I do it myself?

Any suggestions?

28th November 2005

unehepginagal5:18pm: ignition misfire question:
hi. i'm new to this community and i have a quick question.
i have a manual 2000 hyundai accent that has a (self-diagnosed--i'm taking it in to a shop tomorrow) ignition misfire problem (car jerks around/check engine light goes on especially in lower regions of lower gears). has anyone out there had this problem before/have an idea what it's going to cost to fix/know if i can fix it myself? from what i've read online, it seems like i may have to replace a plug? i'm a car moron and i'm broke, so any help is much appreciated.

13th November 2005

angelzfalldown5:21pm: members and MOD:
Hello everyone :) I just started a new com, killerkreations dedicated to customizing and modifications of cars and motorcycles.. so i just wanted to see if anyone was interested in joining or checking it out.

also MOD: wanted to know if you would like to be an affiliate :)

I have put the promo and code behind cut, please check it out!:promo hereCollapse )

19th October 2005

bittenwings3:03pm: Ford Focus Brush Guard?
Ok... I'm new to this community but I was wondering if I could get some feedback.
I have a 2000 Ford Focus and I want a brushguard for it SOOoo... bad... but I can't find one and I dn't think anyone makes them :) boo. So I was going to have my friend, who owns an exhaust shop and he also does other custom welds n such, make me one!! So I drew up this lil' sketchto see how it would look and how I could make one and this is what I came up with. Any suggestions, feedback, or any comments are welcome!! Thank you for your help in advance!
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abnorml19:49am: Water pump question

Hello, I'm new to this community. I had a question about my car, and it would be awesome if any of you who are reading this have any idea of the answer.

I have a 98 Chevy Malibu, not the greatest car in the world..anyway,

Does anyone know if removing the engine is necessary in changing out the water pump? I have the 2.4 L model. My husband took a look and we already know that the timing cover needs to come off the get to the water pump, he just wants to know if taking out the engine is required.

I'm soooo done with this car. No more GM for me, seriously. My car isn't a lemon, I just bought it at the time where lots of things are wearing out and needing to be replaced.

One thing that drives me nuts about this car is the anti-theft passlock. Since I don't have the key with the special chip in it, sometimes my car thinks it's being stolen and it won't start for 15 minutes. The dealer had no idea to turn this feature off and I found by looking around on the net that I'm not the only one with this problem.

Anyway, thanks in advance to anyone who answers my above question about the water pump.

25th August 2005

thequeenofquiet3:22pm: Hello car people!

I've just moved from buffalo to northern jersey and my car's up for an oil change. Since I actually have some money I want to take care of some things my place back home (firestone) has been suggesting, but first I want to run the list by you guys to find out what I can do for cheaper, on my own, or what I should definitely have them look at:

I've also already ordered online a haynes manual for my car...but for anything that requires tools, I am shorto n supply - screwdrivers i probably have...but...having lifts to do my own oil change, out of the question at the moment:

Car specs:
2000 toyota rav 4, 4 cyl, 42k on it - inactive from mid-january 05 until mid may 05

oil change: i'll let them do this, firestone has a coup for $12.99 -

air filter replacement - come on I can totally do this by myself right?

brake rotors: had brake pads replaced in January, but the rotors weren't necessary at the time, he said to feel for "shuddering" and i've yet to feel that, ok right?

battery replacement ($105 w/labor - interstate mtp35 - $89) - they said the battery clocked in at low - is this a result of it being inactive for those 4 months? it runs fine now...

Coolant replacement: ($75) looked under the hood today hours after it had last run and the coolant level is below low. they recommended filling it with 700 toyota coolant, and the rest of the cost comes from draining/filling. Do i need to drain or can I add coolant to the appropriate level on top of what is already in the system?

Transmission fluid flush everwear ($100)

differential service ($85)
says the system failed, but I declined service because of the cost - $25 for the fluid and $60 for the labor.

additionally my left headlight seems to be having an issue:

the hibeam was permanantly on, so i figured the lowbeam had blown and so it defaulted to that. i replaced the buld in the lowbeam and it didn't turn on (yes it was done correctly) so i think it has something to do with the switch that changes it from low to hi. this probably has to be done by a mechanic... but i figured i'd throw it out there.

so what of this is a dire necessity and what can i do on my own and what should i absolutely let the pros handle?

2nd August 2005

k8amorella11:50am: Tire brands
I desperately need new tires. Problem is, I'm a poor college student. Anyone have any recommendations on good tire brands that have quality, long-lasting tires? Preferably under $100 per tire.

Any feedback on Kumho, Arizonian, or Pathfinder is also appreciated.

11th July 2005

khep3:07pm: My Sky Is Falling
I have a 1987 Oldsmobile Calais, and the fabric of it's ceiling is coming off...it's not torn, but when I am driving down the road, the fabric of the ceiling rests on my head (.so.annoying.), and now the entire panel of fabric dips in this manner. If I touch it I can feel the foamish interior attached to the ceiling of the car, it's completely intact, it's just this fabric that's incredibly annoying. I'd like to get a handle on it to make sure that it doesn't just come down entirely (if possible) when I'm driving, but I am not sure what to use to do it? My boyfriend mentioned that we could cut the fabric out, but I'd like to tack it up if possible.

Anyone ever done this before? If so- what did you use?

I was driving down the road and my ceiling was flapping in the breeze.
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28th June 2005

dougdougdoug12:21pm: It's that time of year again
Time for some car show rambling:

Couple weeks until the Car Craft Summer Nationals. No major overhauls this year at the last minute, thank goodness! We did just get a new fuel pump put in a few weeks ago though. Still haven't figured out why the temperature guage isn't working since the engine rebuild so I probably won't be doing any "cruisin" during the car show.

So it's always been my unofficial goal to get my car in the Car Craft magazine and I know you can just mail in photos yourself but I'd perfer if they'd just pick me out of the crowd. I figure as one of very few female car owners at a car show like this I would have a decent chance! But no dice so far!

And if I had time or knew of a specific shop I'd get the poor TA dynoed before the show.

Anyone else show their cars?

Here's my baby, front and center:

27th June 2005

wind_up_girl12:16am: We've begun shopping for my first car! I'm limited to about $7,000, but I’m not sure what to look for when it comes to used cars. I know what is important to me something reliable and safe until I become more comfortable driving. I’ve read online about what to check under the hood, before, during and after the test drive, and the interior, the exterior and the underside. I’ll have an uncle who is more knowledgeable about the technical aspects help me out. But, at the same time I'm to shy to ask him for advice because he doesn't take my interest that seriously. But some things are still confusing to me.

How great of an effect does mileage have on the wear of a car? Would it be better to be a car that may have been in accident or had to have some repair work done with low mileage or car with higher mileage that has been well maintained? If a car has been in accident or needed work done on it does that make it prone to more problems? How old is too old for a car? Or is that dependent on the make and model of the car?

Any advice would be much appreciated. Perhaps I'm putting too much thought into this, but I'm new to owning a car and would like to understand as much as possible.

21st June 2005

wind_up_girl6:55pm: Urm, hello! I joined minutes ago and thought I would say hello. I've always been fascinated by cars even though I've never owned one. But I'll be shopping for my first vehicle in the next month and I thought I should start to educate myself more about what I'm buying. That and listening to my friend talk about her cars and experiences at the garage is starting to make my heart go all a flutter. I don't think I really have a dream car though I am partial to quirky designs and older models.
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14th June 2005

garbagewomyn8:16pm: hello.

I am new to the community and love the concept. I just recently bought a 98 Grand Prix. I am just wondering if there are some good sources of information on basic car information---such as maintenance and that sort of thing. Books or websites or anything that will help me be better informed.

Just curious and this may be a dumb question but can you wash a car too much?

Finally a picture of my baby girl:

12th June 2005

fuckat4am8:45am: I'm getting my first car today or tomorrow, and I've been looking at Celicas. They're alright on the whole safety, but I'm looking at the engines. I had a friend tell me 1.8L basically means you better install some gas pump in your back yard... but, anyways, I really don't understand the whole "secret code". In short, what does "L4, 1.8L; DOHC 16V; VVT-i; EFI Cyl." mean?

10th June 2005

absolutecynic4:13am: hi, i just joined. i'm jeannine, 21 and from fenwick island delaware.

so i'm in the process of car shopping (via the delmarva classifieds at the moment) and i've stumbled upon a 1985 cadillac eldorado for $700. i checked out kelly blue book and even for one in excellent condition they are only worth a bit over $600 (which is astounding to me). but yeah, so i'm wondering.. anybody know anything about them? are they usually in good condition? hard/expensive to fix? running nice? or are they worthless pieces of crap with an overly glorified name (like the piece of crap trans am in my driveway)?

any advice would be greatly appreciated. <3

(x-posted in other car communities)
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18th May 2005

afterlifekid8:12pm: x-posted in civic_nation
After washing my new civic (7 months old) I noticed 2 scratch marks on the left and right rear end. One looks like it can just kind of rub off, it's nothing really, the other side is a tiny scratch, but it looks like the paint had been scratched pretty deep and left a little piece of paint hanging in such a way that you could probably peel off a good line of paint.

Is there something I can do to it temporarily? I was told maybe clear nail polish just to solidify it but I'm afraid to put it on a new car. Is there a way to just maybe smooth/buff it out? Or has anyone tried those car repair kits where you rub on a little paint and it blends in?


28th April 2005


I didn't see anything about promotion in the user info, but if I am not allowed to, then I am VERY sorry and feel free to remove it. It was just a community that I had made and I am trying to get members to join. Once again, thanks and sorry if they are not allowed.

22nd April 2005

citiken5:51pm: Free cars: http://city.auditory.ru/auto/
Write your name and press a button :)

6th April 2005

cebumonkey1:02am: I just realized i never told anyone the current happenings of my car. I have the '93 Grand Am with a blown head after my '96 Lumina blew a head. And the Grand Am died the week after I got it. Then I payed about 500 to fix it with a brand new head. The mechanic called and told me to come pick it up because it was done, so I went to pick it up and when I got there he said it wasnt running again but it ran before because he drove it around to see if it ran. Then he tried to say we brought him a bad head, which isnt true because the car was running after he installed it, it never would have ran if it was bad. Then we found out, he broke that (my brand new part) and some other parts. So once again I am without a car, without money, and have to go to court because he broke my car more than it already was.
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