elise (dougdougdoug) wrote in cars_for_girls,

It's that time of year again

Time for some car show rambling:

Couple weeks until the Car Craft Summer Nationals. No major overhauls this year at the last minute, thank goodness! We did just get a new fuel pump put in a few weeks ago though. Still haven't figured out why the temperature guage isn't working since the engine rebuild so I probably won't be doing any "cruisin" during the car show.

So it's always been my unofficial goal to get my car in the Car Craft magazine and I know you can just mail in photos yourself but I'd perfer if they'd just pick me out of the crowd. I figure as one of very few female car owners at a car show like this I would have a decent chance! But no dice so far!

And if I had time or knew of a specific shop I'd get the poor TA dynoed before the show.

Anyone else show their cars?

Here's my baby, front and center:
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She's purdy!
Thank you!
Totally makes me hot! ;) The wheels look like the WS6 ones that were on my 89 GTA. Those were FUN to clean....
You got it right, she does have the WS6 package.
Well I feel smart tonight! :) Your car is so nice. Makes me miss mine SOOO much! Though I hope to replace the GTA I just sold with one closer to yours.
im 22 and i own a beautiful 84 corvette, 72 camaro, we go to all the major car shows here on oahu island hawaii, we also do cruises and get all the gear heads together on the island for barbeques and bullshit. check out http://www.paradisecruisers.com. i to am trying to make it in vette fever magazine.im busy writing an article, and as soon as i finish my 383 low compression with a super charger and a holley stealth ram intake, considering i got the crossfire its gonna suck doing the wiring harness, then ill submit it. i think ive done all the minor bolt on stuff but waiting on that 6000 dollars to come around for my motor and supercharger.
i used my user pics to show our 2 cars, the thingy wont let me post pics so , we also have a 69 lotus europa at my grandfathers house, but its not a glamourous car. lol, i like it alot i think its really cool so ill pop up another user pic for you
keep in touch !!!!!!!!!!!